Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We value your trust and are committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal information you give us.

  • The company complies with the GDPR, applies, monitors and conforms to Applicable Data Protection Law.
  • The company applies Information Security policy rules and takes the necessary measures to ensure at all times the preservation of your personal data.
  • The company only collects personal data that is necessary in order to manage your reservation, and which is necessary to achieve the execution of the contract between us (name…).
  • Your personal information will be stored in the company’s records for as many days as required by the contract you have signed with us. As soon as your reservation is over and your financial obligations are fulfilled, your personal data will be deleted.

Generally speaking, you may visit the site while remaining anonymous and not revealing any personal information.

Our websites automatically log your IP address and domain name, and non-personal information such as the type of web browser you use, to help us administer the sites and to compile statistics such as the number of visitors.

Our websites use cookies to identify you over multiple visits to the site, for example to remember your country and provide country-specific content. Cookies are optional, and you can block or delete them. However, some parts of our websites (e.g. chat pages) will not work without cookies.

It is not possible for a cookie stored by us to be read by any other company’s website, nor can a cookie read information from your computer that you have not already provided us with.

We will collect the following personal information from you:

Certain information required to register with the Site including first and last name, your address and date of birth together with some basic security information; Details of any bookings you make through the Site (either through us or through third parties who use the Site as a booking platform);

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