Private Excursion
14 max Pax
5 Hours


Discover unparalleled luxury and comfort aboard Sunset Oia’s fleet, featuring a stunning, Lagoon 380 (2019 Model) and the Lagoon 400 s2, meticulously crafted by the premier cruising catamaran builder. Experience the epitome of relaxation and indulgence on these specially designed vessels.

Ideal for those seeking a bespoke half-day excursion, our private Lagoon catamaran tours offer exclusive experiences tailored to your desires. Revel in first-class amenities and services amidst breathtaking surroundings, all reserved solely for you, your friends, or family.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with three carefully selected stops, each offering pristine waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Explore the renowned Hot Springs, as well as the captivating Red and White Beaches, with all necessary equipment and facilities provided for your convenience.

Savor the flavors of Greece with a delectable BBQ meal prepared on board, complemented by authentic Greek appetizers and refreshing complimentary beverages.

For detailed information on seasonal offerings and rates, please refer to our important info section. Experience affordable luxury like never before with Sunset Oia’s private Lagoon catamaran tours.

14 max Persons
5 Hours
Morning Tour From
800 €/Up to 4 guests
Sunset Tour From
1000 €/Up to 4 guests
Morning Tour
DURATION: Approximately 5 hours Starts from Ammoudi port at 10.15.
Starts from Ammoudi port at 10.15. Sails below Caldera.
1st stop
at Hot Springs for swimming. Sails past Aspronisi, Ancient Lighthouse, Akrotiri and Indian Rock
2nd stop
at the White Beach for swimming & barbeque onboard
3rd stop
at the Red Beach for swimming and snorkeling.
Tour ends at Vlychada port at 15.00-15.15
Santorini Sailing Yacht Rentals
Sunset Tour
DURATION: Approximately 5 hours. Starts from Vlychada port at 15:15.
Starts from Vlychada port at 15:15.
1st stop
at the Red Beach for swimming and snorkeling.
2nd stop
at the White Beach for swimming & barbeque onboard. Sails past, Indian Rock , Akrotiri, Ancient Lighthouse and Aspronisi
3rd stop
at Hot Springs for swimming & sails below Oia to watch the sunset.
Tour ends at Amoudi port after the sunset.
Santorini Sailing Yacht Rentals

- Round trip transportation from your hotel (or a nearby accessible point) and back with minibus.
- BBQ prepared on the spot with pork chops or chicken fillet or grilled vegetables (vegetarians), sea food (Shrimps saganaki), pasta with red sauce, stuffed vine leaves with rice, tzatziki, Greek salad and pita bread. Gluten free pasta and fresh fish available (prior notice required)
- Drinks (soft drinks, white local wine, beer, water)
- Snorkeling equipment, floating devices (ask the crew)
- Towels (to be returned to the crew)
- Blanket (to be returned to the crew)
- Map with extensive info about the island (ask the crew)
- English speaking captain & crew
- Leaflet with safety instructions on board in En/Fr/Es/Ch/Kr (ask the crew)
- WC & facilities for washing seawater off (ask the crew)

Optional "Sea Treasures BBQ" : 400€ up to 4 guests: Lobster, Fresh fish, squid, 1 bottle of champagne.


- Gratuities

1.250 € - Peak Season (May 16th - August 31st)
1.100 € - High Season (April 16th- May 15th & Sept. 1st - October 09th)
800 € - Low Season (March 15th- April 15th & October 10th-Nov 30th)

1.550 € - Peak Season (May 16th - August 31st)
1.350 € - High Season (April 16th- May 15th & Sept. 1st - October 09th)
1.000 € - Low Season (March 15th- April 15th & October 10th-Nov 30th)

2.800 € - Peak Season (May 16th - August 31st)
2.450 € - High Season (April 16th- May 15th & Sept. 1st - October 09th)
1.800 € - Low Season (March 15th- April 15th & October 10th-Nov 30th)

Rates up to 4 people. Every extra person +120 €

Sea treasures BBQ experience
- Extra supplement menu includes lobster, fresh fish, squid and one bottle of Delamonte Brut Champagne. Rate for the optional menu €400 (up to 4 people)

Departure Point
From all hotels, villas, Airbnb's in Santorini
Morning tour / embarkation :Ammoudi
Sunset tour / embarkation: Vlychada

Return Details
Returns to original departure point
Morning tour / disembarkation : Vlychada
Sunset tour / disembarkation: Ammoudi

Embark on a tailor-made adventure where you dictate the pace and activities for the day. Whether you're craving a serene morning excursion or a captivating sunset voyage, our private tours cater to your desires.

Morning Tour Highlights:

Elevate your spirits as you soak up the rejuvenating morning sunlight, a quintessential Greek experience. Witness the mesmerizing contrast of white houses adorning the dark volcanic cliffs, creating a picturesque backdrop for your journey. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the crystal-clear waters through invigorating snorkeling sessions.

Sunset Tour Highlights:

Prepare to be spellbound by the most unforgettable moment of your Santorini escapade - a private sunset sailing tour. Delight in the unparalleled beauty of Santorini's renowned sunset as it paints the horizon with a breathtaking palette of colors, viewed from the serenity of the open sea.

Swimming and Snorkeling Stops:

Indulge in aquatic adventures with three idyllic stops for swimming and snorkeling. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic waters of the Hot Springs, situated in close proximity to the volcanic marvels. Discover the vibrant marine life at the captivating Red and White beaches, enhancing your journey with unforgettable underwater encounters.

Scenic Sailing Route:

Cruise along the stunning coastline, tracing the contours of prehistoric lava formations, including the iconic Old Lighthouse and the rugged Black Mountain. Admire natural wonders such as the mystical Indian Rock and the charming Asprosnissi islet, as you navigate the vast expanse of the world's largest Caldera.

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and adventure with our private Lagoon 380/400 sailing tour, where every moment is tailored to create unforgettable memories amidst the breathtaking beauty of Santorini, Greece.

- Guests need to bring warm dry clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat.
- Passengers, choosing a tailor-made tour, have to respect captain's instructions.
- All yachts and boats in Greece cannot moor directly on the beach.
- Sunset Oia has selected the best points for swimming and snorkeling, the closest possible from the beach.
- Hot Springs: It is good to know that catamarans/yachts stop 50m away from the warm sulfuric water of the Hot Springs bay. The temperature in the Hot Springs area is up to 4°C warmer than the open water. Guests swim securely close to the Volcano. Dark color swimwear is recommended.
- Please, provide the name of your hotel and contact details (yours or of your host's). One day prior to the cruise, you will receive the pick up confirmation.
- Bring a photo of your passport or ID card.
- Passengers have to remove their shoes before embarkation.
- The duration of the tour is not the same throughout the season, especially the sunset
cruise. During June, the tour lasts about 6 hours (daylight is bigger), while in October is about 4
hours and 30 minutes.
-Kindly note that the itinerary and stops of the cruise may be subject of modifications, without prior notice, in case of inclement weather.

For all cancellations or changes, we require having email notification at
-Cancellations that will be placed at least 72hours prior departure Sunset Oia offers 100%
refund of the down/full payment.
-For changes that will be placed at least 72hours prior departure, there are no extra fees
but the new reservation is subject to availability.
If there is no availability for the new date or tour then a full refund is applied.
-For cancellations or changes within 71 hours, prior departure 100% of the total cost of the
tour is charged as cancellation fees.

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